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… obtain Parking Permits for PWD.

Each Province has different procedures with regards to the application for parking permits for people with disabilities so we recommend that you contact your local APD for the procedures in your area.

If you are living in Gauteng, please contact  Fanie Swanepoel at the Gauteng Provincial Association for Persons with Disabilities (GPAPD).

Fanie can be contacted at:

Tel: 082 856 9859
Fax to Mail: 086 694 0574


  • Christal Kelser

    my wife was requiring DS-60 last year and saw an online platform that hosts a ton of fillable forms . If you are interested in DS-60 too , here’s a

  • Vivien Webber


    I am inquiring about obtaining a Physically disabled sticker for my mother of 95. She is still in good mind and needs to go to her bank for business and to a clicks for her cronic medication once a month – we always battle with her stroller and or wheelchair in a normal sized parking. How do we go about getting this permit?
    Kind regards
    Vivien Webber
    082 492 7853

  • Hilgardt Cloete

    Could you please tell me how to register as a disabled person and also how to get a disabled parking disc.

  • Sharon Eldridge

    HI, I need to apply for a disabled parking sticker for my son who is in a wheelchair. I am in East London. Where do I apply please?

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