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… get a drivers licence as a PWD



Are you a person with disabilities and would like to learn to drive?

  • You will need to first pass a learners license. This is arranged through your local traffic department or testing centre.  There are cost involves so please contact the relevant authorities to find out more.
  • You will require your original plus a copy of your ID book and 2 black and white photographs.  
  • Once you have obtained your learners license you will  need to approach a driving school that can accommodate people with disabilities.

The following driving schools in the Gauteng region can assist you;

These are not the only driving schools in the Gauteng Region. If you know of more or you are a legally registered driving school that caters for the disabled then please contact us immediately.

Rolling Rehab



  • j

    is there an association that people with a severe learning disability wanting to learn how to drive can contact?

  • Sukwana Sakkie Mthobeli

    i need a licence and im disabled my right leg stay guguletu cape town

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