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How do I …

Please note that the information noted below is intended as an informal guide to assist people with disabilities in making contact with the correct person or people for various services.  The information was correct at the time of publishing; the APD Greater Johannesburg takes no responsibility for any of the information being out of date or incorrectly noted.

Please send us your comments and share your experiences should you have any information to expand this page or if you know of any more effective or easier methods of accessing any of the services noted below.



How do I…

obtain a parking sticker?

…obtain a driver’s license?

…import a vehicle/Rebate on imported vehicle?

Employment Issues

How do I…

employ people with disabilities?

…apply for employment?


How do I…

….apply for  a disability/social grant?

Home Based Care and Nursing

How do I…

…receive home based care?

hire a wheelchair?

Assistive Devices and Services

How do I…

…find assistive devices?

…find specialized services?

Fund Raising, Donations, Awareness Programs and Events

How do I…

…donate resources to this association?

…sponsor an APD event? (Contact Commercial Services Manger – click here)

become a volunteer for APD?

…advertise on this site?

…purchase Casual Day Stickers?

…enter APD’s Annual Golf Day?

…include Barrier Breakers in our next Awareness Programme?

…include Barrier Breakers in our next Team Building exercise?

find other NPO NPO/organizations/service providers?

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