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Casual Day 2010

Casual Day
Casual DayOn Friday, 3 September 2010 we celebrated Casual Day, the special day that allowed each and every South African to “Dress for laughs”. This fun filled day provided all South Africans an opportunity to show the world that they care about persons with disabilities for a small donation of only R10.

Casual Day is the biggest fundraising and awareness creating project for persons with disabilities in South Africa. Every year on the first Friday of September we ask people to dress differently than they normally would, and to wear the official Casual Day sticker to show their support.

The following National Welfare Organisations are beneficiaries of Casual Day:

  • The National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in SA (NCPPDSA)
  • SA Federation for Mental Health
  • Disabled People South Africa (DPSA)
  • Deaf Federation of SA (DEAFSA)
  • Epilepsy SA
  • SA National Council for the Blind

Casual DayThese organisations represent about 400 different schools, homes and workshops for persons with disabilities. Every year more than 200 local welfare organisations participate in this project and raise funds for their own needs via the infrastructure of the project.

The 2010 Casual Day encouraged people to dress for laughs. Wearing something funny, fancy or utterly ridiculous with their Casual Day sticker thousands of South Africans brought infectious laughter to their every days lives.  Laughter is infectious. The sound of roaring laughter is far more contagious than any cough, sniffle, or sneeze. When laughter is shared, it binds people together.

Casual DayThank you for showing your support for persons with disabilities by your donation of only R10 for an official Casual Day sticker. Your R10 donation really goes a long way in improving the lives of South Africans living with disabilities.

The recipe to for a successful participatation in Casual Day is as easy as this:

  • Convince your boss and colleagues to participate and collect R10 from everyone.
  • Obtain your Casual Day sticker. Contact Sophie Baloyi at the Association for the Physically Disabled Greater Johannesburg. Tel. 011 646 8331 or e-mail¬†
  • Decide on your outfit or simply wear your sticker to show that you support persons with disabilities.
  • Read something, listen to music, write an uplifting poem and go out into the garden and smell the roses.
  • Find something to laugh about!!
  • Agnes Davids

    A day for making people laugh and feeling happy. Happiness is a state of mind or feeling characterised by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure and joy.

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