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Casual Day 2012

Casual Day 2012


Casual Day 2012



The 18th Casual Day, providing support for people with disabilities will take place on Friday, 7 September 2012.

This years theme:

“Get on Board”

Captains and sailors, with your crew
Wear a sticker or two, and something blue.
Together we take to the high seas

“Kom aan Boord”Casual Day 2012 Sticker

Kom aan boord,
Die behoefte is groot,
Kry jou plakker gou,
En dra iets blou.

How to get your sea legs

Dress like a sailor, captain or pirate. We don’t mind if you manage a bank, a second hand car dealership or are the President of the World if you want to dress like a mermaid on Casual Day, do it – – just get on board!
If you feel a bit like a fish out of water wearing an entire get-up, then just wear blue. Any shade will do – from sea green to baby blue, from aqua to teal to indigo, it’s all good, just get on board!

Everyone loves a uniform! Now is your chance to be the captain of your ship and navigate the waters from your desk to your boss’s office. Ask for that raise, so that you can afford an extra Casual Day sticker on Friday, 7th September. And whilst you’re there, tell your boss to participate too, by wearing a sticker or two.

We can assure you, if you come out of your shell on Casual Day, you’ll have a whale of a time.

Please contact Sophie Baloyi now on 011 646 8331 or at to place your order for stickers.

Your donation of R10 will make a huge difference in the lives of South Africans living with disabilities.

Casual Day is the biggest fundraising and awareness creating project for persons with disabilities in South Africa. Every year on the first Friday of September we ask people to dress differently than they normally would, and to wear the official Casual Day sticker to show their support.

The following National Welfare Organisations are beneficiaries of Casual Day:

  • The National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in SA (NCPPDSA)
  • SA Federation for Mental Health
  • Disabled People South Africa (DPSA)
  • Deaf Federation of SA (DEAFSA)
  • Epilepsy SA
  • SA National Council for the Blind

These organisations represent about 400 different schools,
homes and workshops for persons with disabilities. Every year more than 200 local welfare organisations participate in this project and raise funds for their own needs via the infrastructure of the project.

  • P Naicker

    As a wife and a mother of an epileptic husband and child,I feel this is a good way 2 raise funds for persons with disabilities.we all can do our bit by splashing out and about on this casual day.

  • ndiima

    we are so disapoited at our N.G.O ‘s at Vhembe area they have run out of T/shirts since last week i’ve tryed to call Schools around they have also run out and my son also don’t have. people r willing to contribute

  • Adelheid Celliers

    I am saddened to see again a BEE Certificate. Disability know no race, colour or creed. Everybody is expected to support, but then it must be BEE. How fair is that in life and is it democratic?

    With the Woolworths debacle again I thought of this:

    Whites only = Apartheid
    Blacks only = Equity

    But when it comes to the money, everybody’s is good enough. I hope our country will move past this mindset and start thinking about EVERYBODY as EQUAL and then ONLY will our country REALLY BECOME ONE.


    Adelheid Celliers

  • Francina

    Am so excited to see that my contribution helps so many disabled people am so happy,Francina

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