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As a responsible welfare organisation, we are extremely proud of the manner in which we spend every cent that we receive. And we are similarly proud of the fact that we have done everything in our power to facilitate all possible benefits for those who assist us financially – we are registered as a NPO as well as a PBO (Section 18A).

With more than 75 years of experience to our credit, we are in the best possible position to judge what is needed by whom – both with regard to our association and our clients. In return for the trust placed in us by donors, we subscribe to a policy of complete transparency and proudly record all our actions for anyone to scrutinise.

We too have to pay our bills

We dislike asking for money, but we boldly do so, because we are here to serve and know the difference we make in people’s lives. Our greatest need is money, primarily because of the following:

  • most of the services we provide necessitate the employment of skilled professionals (social workers and care givers);
  • we operate predominantly in previously disadvantaged communities, and most of our clients are in the low to zero income bracket which makes it impossible for them to pay market-related rates for our services;
  • providing a door-to-door service in a vast area results in very high travelling and communication costs (the advent of cell phones in the poorest areas has definitely facilitated communication in these areas, but has had a dramatic impact on our budgets);
  • neither government nor the Lotto provides all the money needed to sustain the welfare sector; and
  • our overheads are exactly the same as yours (municipal services, insurance, telephones, petrol, etc), yet very few funders are prepared to assist in this regard.

We know that donors are loathe to give money, especially for operating costs. We know that this could be open to abuse, but, at the same time, we do feel that organisations should be judged on merit; that reputable organisations which have proven themselves over an extended period of time, should not be discriminated against.

Donor’s demands cost money
It is difficult to understand how government and private sector can have such a great expectancy of the welfare sector to meet the incredible social need in this country, without attaching any value to the professionals who have to render these services or the tools they need to do the work.

Everybody insists that welfare organisations operate professionally – they must have a strong governing body, qualified management team, a five year strategic plan, business plans, goals, objectives, sound financial management, audited financial statements, regular reports on activities, professional employees, fundraising capacity, awareness campaigns; they must heal, educate, train, uplift, get community involvement, empower, create jobs, serve a worthy cause and, last but not least, not only be prepared to render their services at a rate much lower than that of private sector, but be prepared to work for no salary at all.

Our work is crucial to the well-being of the country
The welfare sector’s work is crucial to the well-being of the country as a whole – government benefits because it is saving them hundreds of millions of rands per annum and both public and private sector get massive financial benefits, as we make a valuable contribution in ensuring that this is a good country to holiday or invest in.

Imagine, just for a moment, the state this country would be in if all welfare organisations went on strike or closed their doors. The thousands of people employed by our sector would join the ranks of the unemployed, and the hundreds of thousands of people we help would become the burden of the State. Without the welfare sector, the world would be a much, much unhappier place…

We can only hope that you, as a responsible South African who cares about this country and its people, can appreciate the work that we do enough to give us some financial support.

  • Awelani

    i am a disabble student graduated Bachelor of Economics i am unable to find job i need a job. my contact; 0846825861

    • Webmaster

      Dear Awelani. Thank you for your comment. Please contact our recruitment department at 011 646 8331 and ask for Thapelo. Alternately send your CV to Thank You!

  • Lucinda Bredell

    Hi. My husband an I are both disabled. He is a tetraplegic since December 2012 and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease three years ago. We need a special vehicle to transport my husband. We can not afford to buy a vehicle and have it converted to his needs as we both earn a small disability income. My children, age 14 and 12, has to help him transfer in and out of the vehicle as I am unable to help due to my disability (severe chronic back pain and muscle spasms). They nearly dropped him this past Sunday. Luckily there were people walking past that could help them put him in his chair. This affected the children so bad that they do not want to go anywhere anymore out of fear of dropping him again. Where can I go to get financial help to be able to get the right vehicle for our needs. It doesn’t have to be a new vehicle, just something that is very reliable. I am attaching the Ian Bredell’s Trusts facebook website for you to read more about us as a family:

  • venessa geldenhuys

    Good day

    My name is Venessa and i have a 1 year old son and he was born without limbs. I am looking for a company/person to build a special chair for him to sit in. Please if there is a company you might know of let me know.


  • Living in a chair

    Nathaniel and

    “Living in a

    Our story

    This is how it all


    In February 2014 I stood
    on a piece of glass, it was a small cut so I did not think it was serious, a
    few hours later I could hardly walk. I then thought it best to have it checked
    out so went through to Addington Hospital. The Doctors called in a Surgeon and
    he advised I be admitted into theater so they could clean the wound and all
    would be ok. Due to me having a weak heart I had to have a spinal and induced
    sleep. What was meant to be a 30 minute operation 3 ½ hours later I woke up I
    was confused as I could hear the Doctors talking, I turned to the anesthetist
    and he said, “Sorry Lisa but we have had to amputate your leg”. At that moment
    my whole life changed. My only thought that crossed my mind was to commit
    suicide but one night I lay in bed questioning God “Why me” and then realized
    this happened for a reason.

    One night I was browsing
    through WeChat and came across a profile by the name Nathaniel and his status
    read: I’m in a wheelchair…

    I had found my reason….


    years ago whilst working for the anti-hijacking unit I was involved in a motor
    vehicle accident and damaged my spine but was able to still walk. Then after 5
    years I bent down to play with my dog and all I heard was “snap” I blanked out
    and when I woke I was in hospital. Dazed and confused I looked up to a Doctor
    standing next to my bed. I will never forget his words…”Sorry my son but you
    will never be able to walk again”. 3 years 4 months I spent in hospital, it was
    not easy but through giving my life to God I accepted my fate.

    lost everything including friends and family but gained someone who accepted

    person is Lisa…


    met by the grace of God, he had laid out our destiny.

    the 25th September 2014 we met for coffee and then and there we both
    knew this was meant to be.

    I saw how he was in a wheelchair as if nothing could stop him I began to panic
    as I was too afraid to try quarter of the thing he did, but he never gave up on
    me he taught me that being in a wheelchair does not make you a lesser person. I
    now can do almost everything on my own with thanks to his constant

    am not the only one that Nathaniel has encouraged, he has gotten a group of
    guys that meet monthly for outings and gives them courage to go on in life.

    dream it to help those less fortunate that don’t have wheelchairs, homes, food,
    families and mainly God.

    are reaching out to you so please open your hearts…”To help us to help them”

    God Bless you and your family.

    our contact details:-

    Email :

    Nathaniel : (+27) 62 125 6301

    Lisa : (+27) 61 025 4325

    Home : (+27) 31 – 502 2123

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