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Thato Manyapeelo

One of the greatest challenges facing children with disabilities is having access to the correct size and type of wheelchair to cater for their individual needs.

Thato is a lively nine year old little girl who was born with physical disabilities resulting in her experiencing difficulties in walking.

Until recently, Thato has had to make use of a wheelchair designed to assist adults which although assisting with her general mobility did not assist her from a physical perspective as the chair she is sitting on is just too big for her.

Thato with Ronit Mograbi from Izwe Loans (left) and Gina Khosa from Barrier Breakers (right)

Thato with Ronit Mograbi from Izwe Loans (left) and Gina Khosa from Barrier Breakers (right)

With the generous support from the staff at Izwe Loans, Thato is now the proud owner of a custom built wheelchair that fits her perfectly.  The chair allows Thato to move around freely without putting any additional strain on her upper body.

Pictured here with Ronit Mograbi from Izwe Loans and Gina Khoza from Barrier Breakers, Thato is delighted with her new chair

which will give her greater freedom and the ability to be less reliant on others.

Thato and Friend

Thato and Friend

As part of the 2012 Casual Day campaign the staff at Izwe Loans were challenged to raise funds to assist a person with disabilities.  Izwe Loans contacted Barrier Breakers, who facilitated the sourcing and delivery of the chair.  Through the generosity of the staff at Izwe Loans, the collected funds enabled Thato to receive a custom built chair ensuring that she will not experience any further physical problems in the foreseeable future.

If you would also like to change the life of a person with disabilities, please contact Gina on 011 646 8331.

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