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APD Access to Information Manual


(Non Profit Organisation Number: 000-865/2706)


in terms of Section 51 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act (Act 2 of 2000)

  • Lee

    Hi all need some advice and assistance here , there are a number of people that are duplicating the parking permits and blatantly swop these amongst freinds , I am currentyly investigating a few of these and would like to know where i can get information on who the permit is regestered to , for what disability and so on ?

    Please feel free to make use of my mail

  • Josephine

    Hi, I have idiopathic Scoliosis and having difficulties confirming this as a disability.. Is it a disability or is there a protocol that needs to be followed, I am having difficulties in sitting for a long time and trouble breathing, not sure if this condition is the course… I feel i require a special chair and in order to be able to do it i need to declare this condition “Scoliosis “as a disability. Please help me in understanding how to do this.

  • Maureen Lane

    I need to obtain a parking disc for my husband.

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